Inpathy — Recreating The
Human Experience.

Inpathy is a new era of social media that inspires transparency, normalizes moods, and recreates the human experience.

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Transparency Is Key.

We believe transparency is key to normalizing moods. You’ll be able to discover people who share the same human experiences as you.


Everything Is A Story.

Express yourself, have conversations or just share moments of your life. Everything is a story. Good or bad, all stories are welcomed.

Self Expression

Share Your Stories.

Sharing is simple. Share 2-minute clips via video or audio. Sharing stories will shape your experience on Inpathy.


Elevating Connection.

We don’t subscribe to following people. You can only make friends through communication and then they will be apart of your circle.

The Problem

Connected & Disconnected.

Studies found modern social media helps connect & disconnect young adults.


Be Gone Trolls.

There is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to trolls & online bullying. You can report violators who break our rules. All violators will be banned.


Daily Check-ins.

Inpathy do daily check-ins to make sure you're okay. This helps shape your daily experience on Inpathy and allows you to keep tabs on your mood.


Inpathy Got You.

Feeling moody? No worries. Inpathy will alert your circle. All messages are monitored. Inpathy does not offer professional advice.


Privacy Matters.

We value privacy, security and aim to keep Inpathy a safe-balanced space where people can be inspired to share stories, moods and have healthy conversations.

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